Jail Ministry

We have a desire to see the gospel preached to “every creature” (Mark 16:16).  God has opened so many doors of witness for the church, for which we are grateful. One such door is the Genesee County Jail where, for over 30 years, SFT has been ministering. We currently have 6 church services for the men and women inmates every week. We also conduct two baptismal services every month, baptizing them in that precious name of Jesus (Act 2:3 & 4:12). If you know someone who is presently incarcerated, encourage him or her to attend our services. We have seen God work in miraculous ways, changing lives and destinies in many of these inmates.

We also work with several Michigan State Prisons and make personal visits and correspondence when requested.

We thank the Genesee County Jail and their staff for allowing this ministry to happen. Most of all, we thank God for continuing to open hearts and change lives.

Rev. James Noe
SFT Jail Ministry Coordinator

Matthew 23:36, “. . . I was in prison, and ye came unto me.”